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What is Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

By Definition Lymphatic Drainage is a type of massage focusing on stimulating the natural drainage of the lympth nodes, in order to eliminate waste and toxins from the body.
What is the difference between a Lymphatic Drainage Massage and the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage?
The regular Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Works on the flow of the lymphatic system, helping to unclog lymphatic tissue and organs and promoting the decluttering of debris, waste, and toxins from your body.
This massage is focused on the inside only, bringing health benefits and working as a treatment for different conditions.
The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage
has all the benefits of a regular, common Lymphatic Drainage Massage, but also works on the outside of the body, rather than only on the inside.
What that means is that it will promote all the same health benefits, but also contour and shape the outside of your body!

What is the Lymphatic Drainage Massage used for?

  • Reduces Puffiness
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Poor circulation and loss of luster
  • Face: Prevents fine lines & wrinkles by rehydrating the skin.
  • Edema

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Accelerates natural detoxification
  • Rejuvenates cellular function
  • Decreases excess fluid retention
  • Relieves stress
  • Balancec the nervous system
  • Benefits cell oxygenation
  • Contours the Face

Lymphatic System Functions

  • Drains
  • Filters bloodd
  • Filters the lymph
  • removes toxins
  • Fights infection
  • Absorbs fats
Example of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage after single treatment.